Splish-splash! Uruguay is known for lots and lots of rain during it’s wet monsoon season, and thus, I need to take a durable, lightweight, waterproof rain jacket! Many sister missionaries around the world are sent to places that require one too, so I thought I’d review the one I got because I LOVE it, and if you can believe it, it was less than $100! In doing my research and talking to returned missionaries from my mission, I realized that I needed to focus on finding a jacket that was long enough to cover my bum, had a hood that could be adjusted to fit around my face, and was breathable and lightweight! Particularly for my mission, where it can be crazy humid, rainy, and hot at the same time!

In my shopping, which was mostly online, I found the best luck with variety of styles and colors and the best prices on Zappos.com! And the other thing, is they have free returns and size exchange if you don’t love it or need a different size! I’ve never been unhappy with my purchases from Zappos! I actually ordered several of my shoes from there as well, but I’ll talk about those in another post!

The rain jacket I decided to order for my mission is the Colombia Splash A Little Rain Jacket! I decided on it for many reasons:

  1. The price was unbeatable! And, I’m not one of those girls that can drop $300 for a rain coat, or anything for that matter! As long as what I get is nice and functional, I will be just fine! I was looking for something in the $100-150 price range, but when I clicked on this style and saw the price was only *gasp* $88 I was blown away!
  2. The style is PERFECT for a sister missionary. It’s a little more fitted than some of the sporty rain jacket styles and looks like a cross between a cute dress coat and a stereotypical rain coat! Plus the length is so cute for on top of a dress or skirt! The only recommendation I would make though is that if you are going to a cold and rainy place, you might want to order a size up to be able to layer sweaters under it, because it is pretty fitted. It also comes in blue, pink, and white, besides the timeless black that I ordered!
  3. It is practical and functional! It has an adjustable storm hood (which is attached to the coat) and adjustable cuff tabs on the sleeves. It has a little interior security pocket where I could keep keys or money, and large zippered hand pockets on the front. The material is lightweight with a 100% polyester shell and 100% nylon lining, and rolled up it takes up about as much space as my umbrella! I love that fact because of the limited suitcase space we have and of how practical it will be when I go out proselyting; I can just roll it up and put it in my Otiwaa Sister Missionary Bag when I don’t need it!
  4. And most importantly, its machine washable! That was a required feature for me, because I’m always such a ditz with food and drinks!

Below I have some pictures of me in the jacket from different angles! You can also admire my Born Kaylin Shoes, which I bought for my mission as well!

I hope this review was helpful! Leave comments if you have any questions or suggestions!


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