I was blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family when I opened my call back in February. Here is a small gallery of photos from that night, along with a video of me opening my call! And, don’t laugh, but looking back I BUTCHERED saying “Montevideo”! I’m sure several other missionaries called to different places can relate!

But despite everything, this was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. Right before I opened it, my Grandpa Hibbert said a prayer and prayed that I would feel peace and that I would know the call I was opening came from God. Sure enough, as I read my call out loud, I had the strongest confirmation that this was going to be the perfect mission for me.

If you are waiting on a mission call, or are not sure how to go about opening one, here are my recommendations:

  • Trust in the Lord’s timing! Sometimes the time between submitting your papers and getting a white envelope in the mail seems like an eternity, but if it is longer than you want, there is probably a reason.
  • Remember: You are not nervous! You are EXCITED!
  • Open with a prayer. Whether you decide to open it alone, with just family, or with everyone, pray that you will feel the spirit and feel peaceful right before you open it.
  • Have a map! It was fun to have a map to locate my mission on and take pictures with. Also, its a fun way to tally the guesses of where my mission would be!
  • Have at least one “nice” camera recording everything on a tripod. That way, you can have a nice video to send to relatives and friends that could not be there. Lots of people will be recording on their phones, but those videos are not always the best quality.
  • HUG YOUR MOM! And if you can, hug her first right after you open it! This is just as emotional for her as it is for you, even if she doesn’t always show it.
  • Record or write down everyone who comes. I didn’t do this, and I regret it!
  • Breathe! You are about to find out exactly where the Lord needs YOU! He knows us better than we know ourselves, and I know that if we humbly accept our calls, we will be able to grow and impact lives in ways we never would have imagined.

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