There’s nothing more important to a missionary than having quality, comfortable shoes. But, for me at least, I want to be a sister missionary that can break away from the box of “ugly practical mission shoes” and never have to look down at my feet and see an unsightly pair of Mary-Jane’s! In my search, I was blessed to find some GREAT shoes that are also totally adorable! I am beyond excited to share my finds with you in this post! I have the stores where I found the shoes listed below along with my reviews of each style.

So here they are!

Cobb Hill Gina in Tan

Cobb Hill Gina in Tan

Okay, so I first saw these particular shoes (along with the Cobb Hill Ireland shoes that I talk about below) on a Pinterest hunt for cute sister missionary clothing! I clicked on a link and found an adorable little blog put together by Rae Garrett (who now blogs here), with tons of information and reviews on cute sister missionary clothes!

Rae mentioned that she bought them from Walking Comfort (two stores located in Draper and Centerville, Utah), so I called and made sure they had the style, which they did. The shop provides a missionary discount, however, I wasn’t able to make a trip to Utah, so I ended up turning to online shops to see if I could find them for a good deal.

I ended up purchasing the shoes online from Orthotic Shop on a 30% off sale for $69.50+shipping, which was a GREAT deal! However, they were on their last bit of stock for the shoes, so to find them you may have to do some snooping around some different shops. The shoe also comes in black, but I decided I liked the tan in this style the best!

And, oh my lanta, they are so comfy! They have a genuine leather upper, but they didn’t need any breaking in at all, straight out of the box. They have a tiny heel, but when you walk around in them, the great arch support and cushioned soles make it so you can’t even tell. The toe box is also roomy and doesn’t rub, so I will be able to avoid blisters on my toes! The style goes with every single one of my outfits and can be dressed up or down depending on what I need; church or just out knocking doors! If you can’t tell already, these are probably my overall favorite mission shoes!

Cobb Hill Patina in Black

Cobb Hill Patina in Black

These are the perfect hot-weather proselytizing shoes! They are so comfortable and supportive! They have an easy Velcro buckle and feel like they were made to give my feet a hug. They have a leather upper that breathes and gives my toes plenty of space. Just like with the Gina style, I slipped them on straight out of the box and they don’t need hardly any breaking in! Lets just say by now, I strongly recommend Cobb Hill brand shoes!

I purchased these from Zappos, for $100, and they came right on time! And remember, Zappos does free size exchanges and returns in case you don’t love what you get!

Born Kaylin in Coffee

Born Kaylin in Coffee

I purchased these from Dillard’s, and wearing them is like walking on a cloud! They give your foot great support all around, and have a padded inside. I bought some little no-show socks to wear with them to keep the inside away from my sweaty feet. These no doubt will be my favorite proselytizing shoes when it is colder out!

Plus, the style of these shoes is so timeless! They are classy looking on my feet and go with everything! This style comes in black and tan as well. They were $79, and Dillard’s has a 10% missionary discount on shoes, so that was wonderful!

Cobb Hill Ireland in Black

Cobb Hill Ireland in Black

These sandals are probably the least “comfy” of the shoes I am reviewing today, but that is why they are coming with me as my church shoes! The style on this pair is a bit more dressy and they came out of the box a little stiff, but since I have been wearing them around my house and out and about, they have broken in well causing me no pain or blisters. The detail on the heel is beautiful, and they will breathe really nicely in the heat and humidity of Uruguay! They are durable with a cushioned sole and genuine leather upper. They are also easy-on/easy-off with a cute little zipper on the back.

These, like the Cobb Hill Gina shoe were reviewed by Rae, and she mentioned that she also found them from Walking Comfort.

I ended up ordering these from Zappos for $100, and as usual, they came in a timely manner!

Rain Boots in Black

Rain Boots in Black

Yes, I’m going to say it: Walmart! These are just some generic molded rain boots from Walmart. I can’t even tell you what to look for because I already took off and threw away the tags! All I can remember is that they were less than $20! I tested them in the bathtub because I was a little skeptical that they were actually reliable, and I found that yes, they are definitely waterproof! I also treated them with some Heavy Duty MAX Shield water repellent spray (from Payless Shoes) just for extra waterproofing. With the plain black, they are very chic and timeless, but the thing that I loved the most about them is that they are so lightweight compared to some of the rain boots I tried, and when I wear them I will be walking around a lot. Plus, for $20 I can chance them not working out! If worse comes to worse (which I doubt will happen but who knows), I can buy some in the field or have my family send me a different pair. They are super cute with some stylish boot socks, too!

Here’s a view of the side!

Hope these reviews are helpful! Comment with any questions!



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