This is literally one of the best ideas ever for any missionary! There will be countless times people will ask about your family while you are on a mission, your companions will ask about your friends back home, or you’ll just be missing everyone; so to help with those moments, why not make a photo book?

I got this adorable missionary photo book idea from one of my mom’s best friends, whose daughter just left on her mission to the Central Eurasian Kazakhstan Mission!

The concept is that you can compile all of the pictures of your family, friends and memories into one book and leave space for your loved ones to write notes! I made mine and had it at my farewell luncheon along with a set of sharpies (kinda like a guest book, people just signed it as they came in), then I took it with me to my family reunion, and really, I just carry it around until I leave because I never know who I’ll run into!

Originally, my mom and I were going to use Shutterfly to make my book, but then as my farewell got closer and closer, we kept putting it off until we thought it would be too late. But then, just a few days before my farewell we found out the BEST KEPT SECRET: select Walgreen’s locations have photo books that you can send to print online AND pick up the SAME DAY!

AND it’s only $30!

I chose the “custom cover” option, and when I picked mine up it was high quality, nice looking, and IT WAS THE SAME DAY! You seriously can’t beat that!

My Photo Book!
You can also customize the spine! TOO CUTE RIGHT?!

It’s been so fun! I filled mine with pictures I want to have with me, and on the pages where people sign I quote some of my favorite scriptures.

Here’s some pictures of my book:

Mission photobook!
I included pictures of my friends from school, and I laughed just putting together pictures of all of the fun memories!


Of course, family pictures are a MUST! This page had pictures of my cousins and grandparents.


Then, I put several pictures from my childhood with my siblings and friends growing up! As you can see, everyone LOVED signing it and leaving me notes of encouragement!

I totally recommend this! I have loved it so much and I’m not even on my mission yet! What are some things you have done to keep your memories together on your mission? Let me know!




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