Wait, I think there’s been a mistake. I’m pretty sure I just blinked when I arrived here in the pouring rain and now it’s suddently Wednesday and I have a whole week behind me! Time flies on wings of lightning and I’m pretty sure time turboed its engine while I wasn’t paying attention.Hopefully in this email I can say what you need to hear, give you a few laughs, and remind you that Heavenely Father knows and loves you.

First things first, my days are so packed full of studies, prayers, language lessons, laughs, district activities, and delicious food from el comidor that my days are literally not mine, they are the Lord’s. It’s exhillarating.

My district is AMAZING and I feel like I have know them all for so long! We all bonded a lot this week emotionally and spiritually and I KNOW they are my district for a reason. Holy cow the spirit is so strong here. En mi casa I room with Hermana Heywood (mi companera), and Hermana Livingston and Hermana Thomas. We are all going to the Urugauy Montevideo West Mission except for Hermana Thomas, who will be serving in Paraguay!

On our second full day here (June 2), Hermana Heywood and I had to give our first lesson to Monica, our pretend investigator…. IN 100% ESPAÑOL! We pretty much just read from our notes so it was super choppy and awkward, but surprsingly and through some miracle, the spirit testified so strongly when we were closing the lesson with our testimonies. Since then, I have realized that I thought I knew Spanish…. but I definately don’t. Our Profesoros speak 97% español in our lessons so I have felt a little overwhelmed since day one, but I know that through Christ I can do all things. Since that first lesson last week, we have taught five others, and each time, something hilarious happened or was said. My favorite was that Hermana Heywood testiefied that “in our mortal life we were given a body of flesh and eggs” instead of “a body of flesh and bones.” Hahahaha so yeah, we have A LOT to work on!

I’m doing well and loving everything about my time here en la CCM. I have been extrememly blessed to feel right at home and happy. A few of the other sisters are really struggling with homesickness and I have had several opportunities to pray for, cheer, and comfort them.

If anything, I have felt the most overwhelmed by the weight of my calling and by Español.

I have been pretty hard on myself with the language; please pray for me that I will be able to be diligent and feel the don de lenguas (gift of tongues), and if you get a chance next month, include me in your fast! I need as much help as I can get! Some of the other Elders and Hermanas already can form complete sentences and such and it’s hard because I catch myself comparing myself to them. I have faith that I will be able to see the miracle of the gift of tounges, and I know that as I work hard to be diligent and obedient I will see results in my language learning.
But man, sometimes my Spanish is muy malo!

The weather here has been absoulutely beautiful. It’s a tiny bit more humid than good old Idaho, but I can still straighten my hair and my lips still get chapped! It has rained pretty much every afternoon at least a little, but a few times it has POURED and the lightening and thunder are so magnificent. At night when we are sleeping, we leave our window open and can hear dogs barking and fiestas and fireworks all night! I feel like the Mexicans NEVER sleep! Even the Latino sisters and elders are always talking up late and laughing! The sky is always beautiful here, bright blue with fluffy clouds, purple, orange, and yellow. And my goodness Mexico City is MASSIVE! It’s colorful too! All of the buildings are painted in bright colors.

Yesterday night for devotional we were extrememly blessed to hear a broadcast from spiritual giant Elder Bednar. He taught that “there is no such thing as a coincidence when you are on the Lord’s errand” and I know that is true with all of my heart. I know God is mindful of every individual, our names, our concerns, and our aprehensions and He guides each of us to exactly what we need. With prayer and obedience we will be blessed. Also, watch for the song “One by One” in next month’s New Era. They performed it for the first time ever at the devotional, and I know everything that it teaches is true. God knows us One by One. I am blessed to be able to go into the world two by two to teach one by one.

I’d like to bear testimony that we NEED the Atonement to change and to be strong. You are never a lost cause. I am so excited to carry that message of hope with me as a missionary. We are never so far gone that we can’t be lifted up. I love you all and I pray for you every moment I can.

This afternoon I will get to go see the Mexico City Temple and visit the visitors center. Next week it will be open for us to go do a session, and I’m so excited!!

I love you, remember that God loves you, and keep praying for me!
Te veo pronto!
Love Always,
Hermana Hibbert


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